December 5, 2012



Degenerative and inflammatory arthritis are two of the most common conditions associated with an aging and overweight population. Consequently, the number of Americans with arthritis and/or chronic joint
pain is growing. The Arthritis Foundation states that “nearly one in five U.S. adults (>46 million Americans) have arthritis, and an estimated 70 million are projected to be affected by 2030. These figures do not include an additional 58 million people who have chronic joint pain. Osteoarthritis (OA), the most prevalent form of arthritis, accounts for 25% of visits to primary care physicians and half of all nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug prescriptions (NSAIDS). In 2006, 88 percent of family physician practices reported performing musculoskeletal injections and in 2008, Medicare alone reimbursed over $339 million for joint taps.

Indications for Use

Viscosupplementation therapy is one potential market where our family of devices can be used, as well as any procedure where injection or aspiration of the synovial fluid is required. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of trauma, sepsis, inflammation, gout, and crystal synovitis of the joints. The most common uses of the device will most likely be during diagnostic fluid sampling (arthritis), therapeutic injection (hyaluronic acid, cortisone, Synvisc, etc), and fluid aspiration (knee trauma). These procedures can be performed in any medical setting, from the office of a primary care physician, to a hospital bed, to an assisted living facility.