The First Step Towards More Effective Joint Care


Why Choose Arthroventions?

Better Aspiration

Use pneumatic pressure to move the fluid from the joint cavities to the target area, allowing providers to aspirate more fluid.

More Comfortable

Distend the fluid out of the joint space allowing for a smaller needle and improving patient comfort.

Improved Targeting

Improve the targeting of the synovial fluid by guiding the provider to the target area.

About Us

Simplifying Joint Care

Arthroventions is improving the quality of life for patients with joint disease. We develop technologies that enable more effective joint care, reducing the cost of treatment and improving the quality of life of patients. Joint aspirations and injections are routine out-patient procedures, however it is estimated that up to 30% of procedures miss the joint space. This results in patient pain and ineffective therapies, decreased revenue for doctors and providers, unnecessary or premature joint replacements, and increased costs in treating joint disease.

  • 88% of family physician practices reported performing musculoskeletal injection

  • 30% of manually guided injections are not delivered to the joint space.

  • The Arthritis Foundation states that “nearly one in five U.S. adults (>46 million Americans) have arthritis, and an estimated 70 million are projected to be affected by 2030.


We have proven experience bringing innovative products to market and improving the treatment of joint care.

Eric Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer
Eric Hoffman is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Arthroventions. He specializes in the commercialization of bioscience and digital health technologies, and has managed projects of all sizes for start-ups, large enterprises, and government.

Dr. Richard Meehan

Chief Science Officer
Dr. Richard Meehan is a co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Arthroventions. He is currently a rheumatologist and a Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health, where he specializes in autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid conditions. Dr. Meehan is a serial entrepreneur and a former Navy Reserve physician.


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